What’s Your Story?

The theme of “story” has been a common thread running through my life for the last year. God has brought a wild variety of His people my way to teach me and grow me. What I have learned is, everyone has a story. What I see is not the whole picture.

  • The homeless man on the street? This wasn’t his life goal. His dream-come-true. There’s a story there.
  • The prostitute in the cheap hotel? If you knew her story growing up, you wouldn’t be surprised that she is on the streets.
  • The neighbor who is a hoarder? Her story includes neglect, rejection, and loneliness.
  • The child who is disruptive in class? You may think his story is one thing, but look deeper.
  • The church member who is grumpy one Sunday? The story there includes a floundering marriage and job loss.

So, what IS your story?

  • What is people’s first impression of you? Is it accurate?
  • Who are you when no one is looking?
  • What are your passions, your dreams, your hopes, your fears?
  • What drives your heart?
  • Do people know the real you?

And, what is OUR story? The story of Kessler Community Church? Look on the outside and you will see a historic, humble church.

BUT, look on the inside, and you will see this:

  • A diverse community of believers seeking Jesus with all we have.
  • A growing family truly enjoying being together in worship and truth.
  • A group of people committed to serving all the neighborhoods surrounding us, and not just the upper middle class ones.
  • A good number of folks who walk down Fort Worth Avenue to the first church they have ever known to welcome and love them.
  • A humble gathering of people who have experienced a profound grace.

People? We look at the outside … the appearance … the circumstances. We make judgments. We think we KNOW.

God? He sees deeper. He looks to the heart and He DOES know you. He knows me. He knows our church. And, He is extending to all of us a hand full of profound grace.

Why? Because He knows us! He knows it all … the secrets, fears, hopes, and dreams. He knows life here on Earth is not easy. Still, He knows your potential here. He knows your heart. He adores you and wants the best for you. He has authored a wild adventure story with your name on it. It is epic. It is YOUR story.

Please join us at KCC this Sunday, in Oak Cliff near downtown Dallas. Let’s get to know each other’s story. Let’s hear God’s story. And, let’s receive God’s profound grace together. We will all be glad we did.